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Live Chat Widget, Chatbot or Omni Channel Contact Widget?

What is the best lead generation tool for your company?

Your website has never been more important than it is today.

Regardless of whether you're a service provider, run a brick-and-mortar store, or an online shop, many of your website visitors will most likely have questions or feel the need to request additional information online.
Today, more than 41% of customers expect live or omni-channel chat on your website. Therefore, if you don’t offer a help & communication widget on your website, then you’re essentially ignoring your customers.
When choosing the right communication tool for your website, there are three main types to choose from: live chat widgets, chatbots, and omni-channel widgets. While live chat and chatbot conversations take place almost exclusively on your website, omni-channel widgets offer a mix of popular chat solutions (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.) and more traditional conversation channels.

All solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your company and your requirements.

Live chat

As the name suggests, live chat tools offer real-time conversations that take place in a small chat box on your website. Although most live chat applications offer a "currently not online" fallback, they are ideally monitored around the clock by a support team member, as users typically expect an immediate response.
Waiting for a solution or response can lead to a frustrating user experience. The fallback solution is usually an email form, which may not be the quick fix the user was looking for. Another disadvantage of switching the conversation to email is that many of your replies end up in the spam folder of the visitor's email client, which equals a lost business oportunity.

Who is the live chat tool the perfect solution for?
Live chat is the best solution if your company has a dedicated support team who will take care of possible questions and make your users happy with real live conversations.


Chatbots are the kings of fast customer service. Quick answers are guaranteed because - at least for first-level questions - no human support interaction is required.
Chatbots respond from a database that you have set up in advance and are both an advantage and a disadvantage. Because chatbots can respond from limited resources and cannot improvise, many topics can go unattended and questions unanswered, resulting in a very frustrating user experience and lost business opportunities.
Complex chat bots are expensive because programming answers to all kinds of questions is a difficult task. Many companies are far too complicated for chat bots to be practical. In these cases, user satisfaction simply cannot be guaranteed without human interaction. The fallback feature, like in many live chat tools, typically switches the conversation to email, with the disadvantages listed above.

Who is a chat bot the perfect solution for?
Chatbots can be a cost-saving solution for large companies with experienced programmers for setup and maintenance. The real challenge is to develop a solution that meets most customer needs without being too risky of losing leads. The chatbot is ideally a helping hand for your customer service team.


Omni-channel contact tools take a completely different approach. Chat channels are usually well-known chat solutions like WhatsApp, Messenger & Co. that your website visitors already use and with which they feel comfortable.
A big advantage is the fact that your visitors don't expect immediate replies on your website chat box, but will follow conversations from chat applications they already use every day, often from their cell phones. These channels have the positive side effect that a first contact can even lead to a deeper engagement on your social media profiles.
Many omni-channel contact tools also offer more traditional contact options, such as click-to-call, SMS, callback, or email, just in case a visitor feels better with them.

Who is an omni-channel tool the perfect solution for?
Omni Channel is the best solution if your company doesn't have a dedicated support team. Conversations take place in channels that your visitors are already familiar with. Customers are not lost after leaving your website, but the conversations switch to their preferred devices and chat applications.

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