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Ever sold a property without a conversation?
7 out of 10 consumers want to be able to message a real estate business.
Offer website visitors the help they want and need, integrate contact channels they already use on a daily base. Become a conversational realtor!

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We proudly help 10.000+ companies to generate more website leads.

The best messaging tool for the real estate industry.

Most successful business begins with a conversation.
Having phones and email is a no-brainer for any realtor.
But don’t forget messaging software!

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Offer the contact channels potential clients already use on a daily base.
All channels are optional. Add the right mix for your business.

HelloBox channels:
WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Telegram Email Twitter DM Click-to-Call SMS Callback Viber

HelloBoxOn average: 41% open rate | 23% conversational engagement rate

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Boost your website leads with HelloBox

Website visits per month500 Monthly conversational leads: 115
Closed business (closing rate 3%): 3

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Seamless integration with any popular platform:

Be where your customers are.

All communication channels are optional. Simply add the right mix for your business.


HelloBox goes way beyond standard WhatsApp website-integration tools.
Our software recognizes the device your website visitor is using and detects the ideal WhatsApp application to connect with, be it WhatsApp Web for desktop or notebooks, WhatsApp IOS or WhatsApp Android.
While many WhatsApp integrations limit messaging to certain devices, HelloBox makes sure all your messages get sent properly!
For a seamless user experience people can start writing their WhatsApp message right on your website, making the process as intuitive as possible.


HelloBox Email Messages are sent by industry leading email delivery platform Postmark.
Efficient email delivery can be tricky. The HelloBox contact form doesn't simply use a standard email delivery script, but is powered by one of the world's fastest and most reliable email delivery platforms.

Doing email right is a complicated business.
HelloBox Email powered by Postmark just makes it work!

Facebook Messenger

1.3 billion people are using Facebook Messenger each month!
According to Facebook, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. With your traditional live chat, you can only carry out the chat conversation on a specific site. With Messenger chat, though, you can start a conversation on desktop and then continue it on your mobile device with Messenger at a later date or time.
Easy to see why the Hellobox Messenger integration is one of our most loved features.


Offering a free Callback option is one of the most effective ways to turn potential customers into qualified sales calls.
Just like HelloBox Email our Callback feature is powered by the Postmark platform to make sure all Callback notifications are delivered fast and reliable right into your inbox.
HelloBox Callback allows you to talk to your visitors without making them call you.


Our SMS Text Messaging feature detects whether your visitor is using a smartphone or any other device, displaying the ideal interface for text messaging in any given case.
Smartphones: Visitors will see a text-input field to start typing their SMS text message right on your website.
Non smartphone devices: People will be shown your mobile number plus an additional QR Code option to instantly send you a SMS message.


Get more customer phone calls with the HelloBox Click-toCall feature.
On mobiles, HelloBox allows users to call you by simply clicking the Click-to-Call button.
On desktop devices your number appears in bold for easy dialing, also displaying an additional QR Code option for instant smartphone calls.


People can start a Telegram chat conversation right from your website. Take advantage of one of the most widely used instant messaging apps in the world: today Telegram has over 250 million active users and 15 billion messages are exchanged each day.
Allow your audience to start a chat via our "click-to-chat" integration, be it from the mobile or desktop version of the app.


Viber connects over 900 million active users in over 200 countries worldwide.
Visitors can start writing their Viber message to you right on your website, making it simple and intiutive to start a conversation.

Boost your real estate leads

Your website has never been more important.

HelloBox makes it easy for you to convert visitors into qualified sales leads.
It's like an interactive business card for your website.

  1. Offer website visitors the help they want and need, integrate contact channels they already use on a daily base. Become a conversational realtor!
  2. Place a call-to-action for scheduling virtual appointments with you. HelloBox offers one-click integration with HubSpot and Calendly. Create virtual business opportunities!
  3. Build trust online through a personal video welcome message. Video messages are the most personal way to welcome visitors on your website. A built-in feature of HelloBox.

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HelloBoxOffer virtual appointments throught our one-click HubSpot logo and Calendly logo integrations.

Live Chat or HelloBox?

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Live Chat or HelloBox?
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HelloBox tripled our website user engagement immediately. Strongly recommended!
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